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Diamonds Set “While You Wait And Watch!”

What does “Your Diamonds Never Leave Your Sight” mean to us? Well, it’s a commitment to transparency and has transformed the jewelry business in our area. We believe that every jeweler should operate any service on your jewelry in front of you. You deserve to keep a close eye on what the jeweler is doing. At Gennaro Jewelers, your diamond will always receive the utmost care.

At Gennaro Jewelers, “your diamonds never leave your sight” is our core value system. We want you to have complete piece of mind when you enter our shop. We have loyally served our Bellmore community and Long Island for over 95 years.


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We will give you an invitation to our “Diamond University”, where an expert member of our staff will COMPLETELY educate you about diamond knowledge  (not merely “skim the surface” as others often do). We’ll spend 30-45 minutes, explaining every aspect of diamond knowledge and some areas to be careful of, when shopping for this most important purchase!

Our Diamond Search provides instant access to literally thousands of loose diamonds of nearly any size, color, shape, and quality.

Gary Hudes – Owner of Gennaro Jewelers Image Courtesy of the Long Island Herald from September 2018

The Story Behind “Your Diamonds Never Leave Your Sight”

“Diamonds are forever” may not hold true for those who, according to police, allegedly had their precious stones switched by a Woodbury jeweler.

Gary Hudes of Gennaro Jewelers on Bedford Avenue assisted the Nassau County Police Department sting operation. This concluded in the arrest of a Woodbury Jewelry Store proprietor.

Mr. Hudes was asked by police to appraise the diamonds used by them in the operation, a procedure which included making maps of the stones and plotting each [stones] unique features and imperfections.

Nassau County Police Department contacted Mr. Hudes because Gennaro Jewelers’ machine that can produce a unique print of the diamond.

After the alleged switch, Mr. Hudes was again called in to check the stone that was apparently switched.

“It was a very obvious replacement…” said Mr. Hudes.

About the Sting Operation

The sting operation took shape after police received complaints from people who claimed their diamonds were replaced with worthless stones.

A woman employed by the department took five pieces of jewelry, donated by department members, into the store for an appraisal. After the appraisal, the stones were immediately checked by the Scientific Investigation Bureau. The appraiser swapped original $3,200 diamond with a worthless stone.

The owner of the Woodbury jewelry store in question was arrested and charged with Grand Larceny Third Degree. According to police, a court-ordered warrant turned up the missing diamond. The investigation turned up 21 documented cases where jewelry once containing precious stones are now worthless.

- This excerpt originally appeared in the Bellmore Life Newspaper on February 24, 1993