Long Island Jewelry Services & Repairs

Watch Repairs, Ring Re-mounting, Re-setting, and much more…


What separates OUR services from others is our diamond policy. Your diamonds NEVER leave your sight at Gennaro Jewelers in Bellmore. Re-sizing, Re-setting and Re-designing is done While You Wait And Watch!

Gennaro Jewelers is a leader in our industry providing Long Island jewelry services and proudly offers one of the most modern, state of the art design, repair and custom jewelry facilities. Our staff of EXPERIENCED jewelry consultants, diamond setters, jewelers, designers, and appraisers are ready to assist you on the premises… Gennaro Jewelers will create your design or our designers will create for you a unique and stunning piece of jewelry. You will always feel confident at Gennaro Jewelers because your diamonds never leave your sight! Trust Gennaro Jewelers, where your valuables are always handled with professional care and attention.

Custom Jewelry Designs Services

Want to re-use your old jewelry to create a new custom-design?

We specialize in designing and creating a beautiful new piece of custom jewelry you’ll cherish forever using a variety of the most traditional, to the most advanced technology to create the design of your dreams…ON THE PREMISES! Professional designers, expert jewelers and experienced diamond setters at Gennaro Jewelers, all ready to serve your jewelry needs. We can simply suggest changes to your outdated jewelry to make it more current…or design something NEW and FRESH, using YOUR diamonds or ours! Whether you bring in your own diamonds or gemstones or choose something new from our large selection of loose stones, we have the expert diamond-setters with the technical and artistic ability to set any stone-no matter how large or how small. We can provide professional artist illustrations in advance of creating the jewelry of your dreams. You will approve every step of our easy process so that there are no surprises at the end. As if that isn’t enough, you will be completely at ease, without fear since….

Your Diamonds Never Leave Your Sight! Diamonds Set “While You Wait And Watch!”

We have a large selection of loose diamonds and gemstones on hand from which to choose. But unlike most jewelry stores, if we do not have exactly what you are looking for, then we will source the stone from cutters all over the world to find the exact diamond or gemstone you desire. Gennaro Jeweler’s “Diamond Search” provides instant access to literally thousands of loose diamonds of nearly any size, color, shape, and quality at extremely competitive pricing.

Cleaning, Polishing, and Inspection Services

When jewelry is worn every day, it is exposed to accidental glancing hits and bumps that can cause damage, the damage that you might not notice at the time. Jewelry should be inspected at least once a year. This is what is done when Gennaro Jewelers inspects your valuable jewelry:

How Jewelry Inspections Work

So, what does a jewelry inspection usually involve?



First, your jewelry will be professionally cleaned in front of you, by our experienced staff.  Your jewelry NEVER leaves your sight! There is no charge at Gennaro Jewelers to “clean” your jewelry in our modern ultrasonic cleaner.


There is no charge to do a jewelry inspection at Gennaro Jewelers. Checking the safety of your items is the main reason you should have your jewelry inspected. Our staff of professionals will use high powered magnification to check your setting for problems such as worn, bent or broken prongs. Your stones will be examined to see if they are loose, and if they are, for a reasonable charge they will be tightened by our Master Diamond Setter. Any tightening or setting work will be done While You Wait And Watch; your diamonds will NEVER leave your sight at Gennaro Jewelers. If prongs or areas of the precious metal are worn, we can rebuild or replace the worn areas and restore them to their original condition. Any of this repair work can also be done While You Wait And Watch at Gennaro Jewelers!


Polishing jewelry is NOT the same as cleaning jewelry. Cleaning just removes dirt and soil; it does NOT polish the surface.

Polishing is a complete hand process of using a series of a few buff wheels, This process will remove the majority of surface scuffs and scratches. The precious metal then receives a final high luster polish so that it looks like new. Depending upon the complexity of the jewelry, there is a reasonable charge for professionally hand polishing jewelry pieces.


“Plating” jewelry is often referred to by customers as “dipping”. After a piece of jewelry is completely polished like new, the PLATING process can begin. Plating is a process wherein another metal is electrically bonded to the base metal of the jewelry and will cover all of the surfaces of the metal. This PLATING is generally Gold Plating or Rhodium Plating. In either case, the plating is a very thin coating and its longevity is solely based upon the wearer of the piece. The more you wear it (and it gets rubbed against another surface), the shorter the life of the plating.


White gold is not truly “white” or “bright silver” in color. It is slightly yellowish grey in color. All White gold is originally rhodium plated at the manufacturer. Over time, the Rhodium will wear off in the highest locations (the areas that experience rubbing against other objects). When the ring shows too much of the base “off White Gold color”, it’s time to re-plate the item with Rhodium.

How Often Should I Have My Jewelry Inspected?

Once a year is an absolute minimum for how often you should have your jewelry inspected. Of course, this also depends on how frequently you wear a certain piece: Items you wear very rarely don’t need to be inspected often. Jewelry that you wear regularly, however, should be checked at least two times a year.

It is also a good idea to have a piece of jewelry checked after you’ve bumped it hard: You never know which part of it may have bent or broken because of the hit and certainly would not be visible to your naked eye.

Jewelry Repair Services

Is your favorite charm bracelet or necklace broken and unused?

Necklaces and bracelets that are broken can be repaired, refurbished to look just like new again. We can also shorten, and in many cases lengthen your necklace or bracelet to fit exactly the way you want. We also have a large selection of clasps and closures on hand to repair your necklace or bracelet. Our professional jewelers will repair your jewelry with the finest materials available. They also have the knowledge to restore antique, dated jewelry designs so that you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Watch Repair Services

Watch Restoration

Gennaro Jewelers watch restoration experts will carefully examine your timepiece and recommend the necessary services to restore your timepiece to its glory days. We can restore the watch case, refinish discolored watch dials, replace crystals and re-polish watch cases to their original condition. This detailed work is done meticulously and to detailed specifications. You will be amazed at our restoration services. Aged watches are no problem for us. We will search our worldwide network for parts and carefully restore your family timepiece to its original grandeur. The timepiece will again be a source of family pride and serve as a valued family heirloom to pass on from generation to generation. Our staff of jewelers and watchmakers is detail oriented and we take pride in our work. We are committed to your complete satisfaction!

Battery Watches

NEVER leave a dead battery in a wristwatch. A watch battery can leak (similar to a flashlight battery), when it is dead. This leakage can cause further, far more expensive damage to the watch movement. When your wristwatch stops keeping correct time or just stops running altogether, it’s often a weak or dead watch battery that’s the cause. The watch professionals at Gennaro Jewelers carry a fresh inventory of watch batteries for all makes and models.

The jewelers at Gennaro’s have the right replacement batteries and proper equipment to replace the battery in your watch – saving you the hassle and worry. We can replace the batteries from hundreds of watch manufacturers in minutes. We will check for worn gaskets, and clean the contacts where necessary.

Mechanical & Automatic Watches

The watchmakers at Gennaro Jewelers are experts in their field. They are certified in the repair of all major and minor brands of watches. Before we begin any repair of your timepiece, our watchmakers will examine your watch to determine the necessary repair. Before any repair begins, we will give you a clear estimate. If your watch is not keeping proper time, in addition to parts that might be necessary, we will completely disassemble the watch. During that process, we will remove older “thickened” oils and dirt, and re-lubricate the watch movement. This process is what we call a “Clean and Overhaul”. We are so confident in our work, that unlike most jewelers (that only offer a 30-day guarantee),Gennaro Jewelers gives a 1-year guarantee on our “Clean and Overhauls”. Keeping your watch clean and functioning properly requires proper maintenance. You can trust that the professionals at Gennaro Jewelers have the experience and the knowledge to do just that!

Leather Watch Bands

Are you searching for a band to complement your watch? We offer replacement bands for all makes and styles of watches. We can replace any watch band while you wait or special order any special custom bands or colors.

Appraisals Services

There are two basic types of Appraisals:

  1. Estate Appraisal- Often called a “cash value” appraisal. This type of appraisal is often ordered by an attorney or executor of an Estate. These types of appraisal values reflect the actual approximate cash value that you could expect when selling the jewelry to a retail jewelry store. When someone passes away, their Estate gets divided up and distributed to the appropriate individuals. Executors of the Estate will bring the valuables (sometimes even 50 or more pieces) in so that a cash value dollar amount can be placed on the items and the Estate can be worked out.
  2. Retail/ Insurance Appraisal- Is priced at the approximate replacement value (what it would approximately cost for you to purchase/replace the jewelry) in a retail setting.

An Insurance Jewelry Appraisal is estimated market value (retail value) of your Jewelry. Retail Appraisals are used for some very important reasons:

To Obtain Insurance

Insurance Companies need Jewelry Appraisals so they can insure the items. Each item insured will need its own separate Appraisal. These Appraisals will be used for replacing your Jewelry in the event that it is ever stolen, lost or damaged. Insurance Companies normally will not replace your Jewelry without an Appraisal.

To Confirm Value

Jewelry and Engagement Rings that have been purchased while on vacation or from an unfamiliar jeweler are often appraised to get a second opinion.  A completed appraisal from Gennaro Jewelers will state the current average value of the jewelry. An appraisal from Gennaro Jewelers will also state the specifics and details of the jewelry (i.e. Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, etc.). This information can then be compared to the information stated on your bill of sale to determine whether you received the proper value and quality.To Obtain Insurance

Appraisal Information

Appraisals can get long and detailed. A lot of information is necessary to arrive at an estimated worth.

Items included in Appraisals may include, but are not limited to:

  • Gemstones Identified
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat Weight (estimated)
  • Cutting Style
  • Shape of Stones
  • Gram Weight (or Penny Weight – DWT)
  • Detailed Setting Description
  • Measurements of Stones & Mounting
  • Metal Identification
  • Manufacturer Stamps
  • Condition (Damaged, Cracked, Broken)


A properly detailed description (with pictures) from Gennaro Jewelers are priceless for making a positive Identification for your jewelry( if they are stolen or lost). Police and Detectives can use these descriptions to help locate lost or stolen items and return them to the correct owner….assuming the owner has the proof necessary to prove that the item belongs to them. An appraisal will help with that identification.

Record of Ownership

If you have inherited a piece of jewelry, you have no bill of sale or proof of ownership (especially if it is needed for a loss, stolen and then recovered). An appraisal provides you with that record of information and identification.

Expect More with Us

Keep in mind that all Diamonds and Gemstones that are mounted in Settings will be given an estimated Carat Weight. Exact Carat Weights cannot be given unless the stones are removed from the mounting and weighed one by one on a scale. Estimated Carat Weights are calculated from a Gemstone’s Measurements like Width by Depth. A jewelry appraisal can be done on any item of jewelry, no matter what it is composed of. Unmounted gemstones are not a requirement; in fact, the jewelry being appraised doesn’t even have to contain a gemstone. Market values change, so most professionals recommend you have fine jewelry appraised every two years.

Gennaro Jewelers Appraisal policy is very beneficial to our customers. After getting your first appraisal from Gennaro Jewelers on a particular item, your next appraisal on that same jewelry item will be updated for ½ the current appraisal fee.  A jewelry appraisal is a process in which a professional examines a piece of jewelry and arrives at a retail estimate of its worth. Appraised prices usually consider the materials used, the style of the jewelry, the market for that type of jewelry, and the provenance of the jewelry. While the intrinsic value of the stones and metals used in the jewelry are a definite factor, other facts go into the price of a piece of jewelry. For people who need an appraisal, securing the services of a Professional GIA (Gemological Institute of America) jewelry appraiser is very important to ensure that their jewelry is valued properly.

Re-Stringing Services

With time and normal wear, the thread of pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets become brittle and susceptible to breakage. Generally, re-stringing should be done every 2-3 years. If the cord has “blackened” near the pears or the individual pearls can slide, side to side, it’s time for re-stringing! Need a set of pearls restrung? Let the professionals at Gennaro Jewelers prolong the life of your pearls by restringing and inspecting the clasps. We can also replace missing pearls with matching ones and in many cases, we can replace missing beads. We can also replace the clasp or closure and create a single strand or multi-strand necklaces or bracelets.

Engraving Services

Engraving allows you to fully customize your own jewelry and allows you to create one of a kind pieces for your friends and family. The possibilities are endless because just a few words say so much more.

Over the years, we’ve been asked to engrave just about everything in our inventory from wedding rings to key rings. Some choose engraving to immortalize important events, show thanks, or to send messages of love.

The experts at Gennaro Jewelers can show you samples of engraving styles….Script or Block. We can even engrave custom designs and logos! Engraving on the outside of flat surfaces or engraving inside a wedding ring! The possibilities are endless. Our staff will discuss all of the options.